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I think the F01 Alpina B7 is not low enough,
and too bad Alpina do NOT have any lower springs option.

I know that Alpina had tune their suspension for exclusive use with their springs,
but I think a slightly lower ride will not hurt.

I want to ask if anybody here knew more which springs kit from Hartge, Eibach, AC Schnitzer, for regular F01 750i model
would be better for Alpina B7 application.

well, those tuner also do NOT have specific Alpina B7 application so we have to use
their spring kits for F01 750i model...

I am curious to know the different between Hartge, Eibach and AC schnitzer springs
for F01 750i application.
most of them had almost similar drop (between 25mm to 30mm),
but I think they are all different in spring rates.

(I don't consider Hamann and H&R because they drop the height too much).

The goal is to have similar handling with B7 but better looks from slightly lower ride height.

Anybody here have any info which one have the hardest spring rate ?
Which one is closer in specification (spring rate) to Alpina B7 standard spring rate ?
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