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Hartge information for the BMW M3 V8 E92

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HARTGE complete exhaust system for M3 E92

BMW fans know that HARTGE is approved as an automobile manufacturer since 1985 and was the first company that came out with the idea of installing a V8 5.0 engine in a BMW 3 series for mass-production.

This was in 1999 when the HARTGE H50 was born, almost 8 years before the new M3 E92 V8 4.0.

And rightly so you can say they are experts and now came out with an exhaust system for the M3 V8, generating a power increase of 20 hp without ECU modification.
HARTGE’s exhaust system for the new M3 E92 is made from a high quality stainless steel (no. 304) which allows temperatures beyond 800degrees Celsius and, produces lots of power and an awesome sound, but also looks absolutely sensational as well.
It consists of connecting pipes right and left which replace the front catalytic converters. New racing catalytic converters replace the remaining ones. A new special reshaped system after the racing catalysts replaces the original resonator and a rear silencer with four 80 mm pipes is at the end.

Click here to the double-clutch M3 with the HARTGE exhaust system in action:

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Hartge H50 video: