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As most of you know.. I have been M5less for almost a year now and like they say.. You dont value something till you loose it. Ok i hope i didnt loose mine but after getting behind a wheel of one last night, i realized how great it was :cool2:

I drove BRN 64666's car which has a full hamann headers, cats, x pipe and mufflers along with a computer upgrade. Ahhh that car felt just right. The seat, its feel, the steering wheel, the gearbox and its feel, the response and the satisfaction i got from it. Alot of satisfaction came from my ability to exercise my left leg. How can anyone live with SMG ? ouich :noSMG:

Bottom line, this car is just amazing and i find it more difficult now not to drive a car with a manual transmission if its a sports car :confused3

P.S. there is a little story on how the hamann M5 went against the Gemballa Cayenne in the race section. Enjoy !
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