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Email below from the Extremesports channel updates. Poor guy in Lambo ... but classic Gumball action. Go Alex Roy!! kinggf

Anyone know the story behind these events, write-offs?

(For future reference: if anyone needs their vehicle driven to them, anywhere in world, please PM me! It will not, I repeat NOT cost you 6K)

Sicily to Rome; Supercars tested to destruction

Yesterday's drive from Sicily to Rome was absolute chaos, and like day
five of last year's rally (Morocco) there were crashes right, left and
centre. The Buick is completely out of the rally, the driver said he
was going fairly slowly when it span out and for his insurance's sake
we'll run with that.

A Ferrari 355 was also written off between Naples and Rome, and the
silver Porsche GT drifted 300 metres down the Autostrada bouncing both
nose and tail off the barriers. That's been gaffer taped up and is
still on the rally, but the Lamborghini Murcielago isn't so lucky...

The Lambo got impounded in Belgium within hours of being on the rally,
so it's driver called up for his Maclaren F1 to be delivered to him
immediately.taken ou His F1 was t of the rally between Budapest and
Dubrovnik (not sure whether it was impounded or crashed) so the
relentless Gumballer paid £6000 to have his Lamborghini released, and
another £6000 to have it driven to Bari (how many of you would have
done that for free?!).

Then disaster struck a final blow when his freshly delivered
Lamborghini was written off between Sicily and Naples. He only bought
it on the Thursday before the rally, so drove it for a total of 8
hours before it was destroyed!

In other Lamborghini news, Jodie Kidd rinsed the clutch on her's, so
her and fiancee Ben are having to take it easy for the rest of the

Alex Roy proved his legendary status once again yesterday by getting
to the Sicilian ferry port by 8:25am and cordoning it off with police
tape. He then sailed alone on a ferry to mainland Italy and "cruised
at 8/10ths" (140mph in torrential rain) towards Rome, sirens and
lights on continuously.

The M5 cop car is permanently online and get updates on the positions
of other Gumballers, so it didn't come as a suprise when it's lead was
threatened by a blue Porsche Turbo being driven brilliantly by Spencer

A 90 minute battle ensued taking the cars all the way into Rome, with
the Porsche overtaking on clear roads and Alex using his sirens to
take the lead when traffic built up. Eventually the Porsche slipped
back due to Spencer's "poor toll booth strategy" and "poor GPS
strategy" (wrong turn) leaving the delighted cops claiming another

This morning I went on the hunt for gadgets and will type it up right
now, so find out which car has a cloaking device in a few hours!

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Christ, Alex ROy is a legend!! :cheers:

****, how many people are rich/stupid enough to write off 2 cars within a couple of days of each other...

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You've gotta love Alex Roy's inventiveness, I'll hopefully meet him in New York some day for a beer. Bet he's got some stories :)

Never nice to hear about the crashes, fair play to Spencer for keeping up though!
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