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I came across this article from the New York Post.

14, 2005 -- GENTLEMEN, start your engines! Johnny Knoxville, Jodie Kidd, Quentin Tarantino and Daryl Hannah are among the celebrities taking part in a drink- and drug-fueled pan-European motor race, the Gumball Rally, which kicks off in London today.

According to Irish author and motoring journalist Clement Wilson, author of a new book called "Our Gumball Rally," the well-lubricated race is a "fatality waiting to happen." Wilson competed in last year's event, which was won by Adrien Brody.

"Everyone is off their heads the whole time," Wilson told PAGE SIX's Tom Sykes. "The Gumballers take over certain clubs to party all night, and speed and coke are taken openly. Then everyone gets up three hours later and drives across Europe at 150 mph."

While Wilson is quick to point out that the event's organizer, Maximillion Cooper, who did not return calls for comment, does not officially encourage or condone illegal activities, he writes, "The rock 'n' roll element is largely a result of the nightly parties with the copious quantities of drink and drugs consumed that one would expect. Drink, drugs and driving do not mix well at the best of times, and particularly not when driving at four times the speed limit."

Vanity Fair writer George Gurley, who also competed in last year's event and writes about the experience in the new issue of the magazine, said, "The first leg from Paris to Marbella was a 26-hour drive, with people going 200 mph in the rain and snow and there were crashes throughout the night." The rally went through Morocco, where the rally participants were encouraged to speed by cheering police.

"Every 20 minutes or so there was some new accident. There was something creepy about it, but it was exhilarating as well. There were extremes of emotion."

Gurley added that while some of the participants were clearly taking drugs and not sleeping for the duration of the six-day event, which was immortalized in the 1976 movie "The Gumball Rally," many others simply went to bed at night. "The driving was stimulation enough," he said. on error resume nextplugin=(IsObject(CreateObject("ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash.6")))
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