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Looking to get into a 2007-2009 m6 convertible and was looking for a guide of what to look for as far as issues. So far I have;
-some type of warranty that covers engine tranny smg rear ac etc. must have!
- issue with convertible top
- pull bmw records for service
- Carfax
-how to pull codes?

Don't know these cars at all so looking for some help from those that have purchased used and what to look for. I am currently in a '10 535i with a tune and it's been a great ride but it is a cpo until 2016 so really haven't worried too much. Planning on putting current ride up after the new year then really look to buy after that.

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Not to scare you but it is an expensive car to fix. For me these are the problems I have had so far. Mind you I fixed most of these issues myself except the tranny problems I took to the dealer.

-Flywheel and clutch replaced at 51k miles ($4k)
-Clutch position sensor replaced ($1800)
-both throttle actuators went bad ($1500 total)
-ionic current controllers replaced ($250 each)
-Spark plugs ($250)
-O2 sensor replacement ($250)
-Oil and filter are between $150-200 if you change it yourself
-CIC (nav system) failure because of leaking water in the trunk
-drivers side door assist not working
-window catch not working
-HID ballast failures on both lights ($150 each)

Whatever you do just make sure you get the extended warranty, all of this was out of pocket for me. Otherwise such a pleasure to drive when it is working. The looks I get with my black on black on black car is always pleasing.
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