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Got the car!

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Amazing what you get for phone/modem connectivity when you intentionally choose small/out-of-the-way hotels... any case I'm currently sitting in Essen, 20 mi from Kelleners. We've put 1500 mi on the car, from Munich to the Black Forest to the Ardennes and now here.

Bohm+Kelleners did the 1200-mi oil service on the car early this afternoon so I'm now running it up to redline occasionally.

I go back tomorrow morning to see/hear one of the Swedish M5s that's coming in for a cam-change. Volker said something about putting my car on the dyno tomorrow morning to see how the US-spec cars measure...

More later.
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Aha, oh it must be Klas. Say hello from Gustav @ Also, this shoud give him about 30 to 40 HP extra.

JEM, watch out for the speed restricted roads, the German Police still sends speeding tickets to me in Sweden...

JEM is driving on a temporary German plate, registred with an address in the US. While I am not surprised that German police can locate you in Sweden (both countries are in the EU after all), I'd be very surprised if they could go after somebody who lives in the US when the only thing they have is a picture of the license plate. Of course, it's a different story if they stop you on the spot...
Gustav, I'm just back from a trip to Stockholm. M5s seem to be quite popular there -- seen 3 in 4 days. Do you know how it ranks in Europe for its M5 per head ratio?
JEM, I'm flying at the end of the week for a last drive of the beast before I drop it for shipment to the US. I'll be in Southern Germany, Switzerland and the French Riviera. When are you dropping yours and flying back?
Nice to see that you were in Stockholm. Did you like it? I bet it wasn't as warm as in CA but it isn't supposed to be either...

Well, there have been sold quite alot of M5 in Sweden (per capity surely alot, but in quantity I guess we're quite far down compared to larger European countries), but I guess it is in Stockholm most of them are.

We drop the car in Frankfurt tomorrow, fly out Friday morning.

It's been fun, I've been fairly cautious about speed limits. We did get up to 125 today, briefly, but the autobahns have been sprint-and-drift territory - by the time you get to 210kph, there's a truck doing 85kph pulling out to pass one doing 80kph...

Much easier to average 90-95mph on French autoroutes than German autobahns these days, it seems.

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