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Got my rim back... slight color missmatch...

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Hey all

I scratched my rim 4 weeks ago (front right side). So it got repaired. Its still the original M5 rim.

Unfortunately now there is a slight color miss match. It's a little bit lighter than the normal M5 rim. It has the shadows created by the chrom shadow paint but the silver itself is lighter.

So I got two options:

1. Wait a few months, hoping the color will change due to being exposed to the sun.

2. Bring it back, repaint

What would you people do in such a situation?

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Best regards.

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You should never refinish just one. It'll never match, especially chrome shadow. I'd get all 4 refinished at the same time.
I learned this a few years back. JustTires scratched two of my rims putting on new tires. They sent me to a place to have the wheels refinished. There were two refinished wheels in stock that they just swapped out with my new tires. They didn't match the other two. I made them put on 4 newly refinished wheels so they all matched.
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