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Good Year EAGLE F1 GSD3 suiteable for the M5?

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I am looking for summer tires and ran into Good Year eagle F1 tire which have received some great reviews...

What Im not clear about is weather its a tire suitable for the M5.
It appears on some sites as a run-flat tire...on other sites theres no mentioning about it.

Any ideas?

Recommendations for alternative tires?
I have tried with the Contis (came with the car) and the Pilot Sports which were ok but wore too fast (or was m-mode on too often?)

All suggestions welcome...even the underdog suggestions
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Have them on my E39 and they have been excellent. Awesome traction dry and solid in the wet.

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Put them on my car 5,000 miles ago. I dont do a lot of tire shredding so the treadwear has been fantastic so far. Best tire I have ever used in any car in the wet AND dry, but I haven't driven on Michelin PS2's yet (people hail as best tire ever).

Before getting them, I decided between F1 GD3's, Kumho Ecsta SPT, Potenza RE050A's, and OEM Conti's (I bought used so only drove about 100 miles on Conti's before they were replaced and they seemed fine). And the goodyear's had the best reviews. Happy with them so far!

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I had them on my Audi RS4 and they were fine. Nothing profound but definitely good in the rain. I got rid of them when I did a wheel change.
For the value they are good but not as competetive a tire as I would demand.
Bottom line I would not put them on my M5.
There are many choices out there.
I would recommend the Pirelli Corsa's for optimum dry weather traction (treadwear 60) and maximum wet weather traction for an "R" compound tire.
I am running these tires on my GT3 and GT3RS and I highly recommend them.

Thank you and good luck in tire choices.

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