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Hi there all

Andy and me had a great time on Sunday, thanks to all who made it, we met some great people and saw some very smart looking cars, thanks for having us both! I managed to take loads of photos and will post them on the board soon.

We had a good drive back to Huddersfield, it took 3 1/2 hours at a steady 80, both cars made it back with no problems whatsoever, not bad for a couple of 18 year old motors.

Can we give a special big thankyou to David O, cheers for your hospitality over the weekend, the loaning of the Touring (i really came attached to that car....a pure street sleeper, you gotta hang on to it) and especially for taking us both out to the boxing and for a few beers on the Friday night, cheers mate, it was greatly appreciated :)

If you can make it up to Sunny Hudds sometime we will repay the favour.

Catch up with you guys soon.

James & Andy H
1 - 3 of 137 Posts
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