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This sound like BS :3: , but here comes a translation.

254 Kw is app 340 Hp. But then he claims a lot of things.....

here goes.

BMW Alpina B10, Year 1997, 118000km all Service, darkblau met., all extras 4,6 Liter Motor mit 340 PS Typ.

But with a button you can have more HP, app 450 Hp but probably a bit more. I just do not want to scare you, auto fans know what I am talking about. this is not a car for senior citicens.

Please do not tell you that I did not warn you, the car is faster than its shadow

The BMW ALPINA moster, who that does not know how to drive should stay away from it.
No joke or fake, we are dealing with a BMW that takes off as one should have to have a Fireamrs permit to drive it. Acceleration according to ALPINA is 5,5 sec to 100 kph, but ?? this is faster ??....... To fast to furious is a better descrition. The car takes of as it if it was build for ......... More is not necesary to say

He does not want to sell it bla bla bla......
(*Trenne mich nur echt schweren Herzens davon, allerdings, habe ich noch ne Steigerung dazu gefunden*)

The engine roon is so clean you could it there, perfectly serviced, top interior, doubel glass, Schwere ausfurhung ?????? safety protection ( teflon)??? ALPINA wood interior


What kind of ALPINA owner would decribe his car like this. :eek:oohhh:

The only way a B10 would get 450 Hp by the use of a button is by using NOS, and if so, STAY AWAY from the car...................

Hope it helped,
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