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generic in lieu of the MKIV??

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does anyone know if there are any compatible dvd sat navs on sale in lieu of the oem mkIV.

it occurs to me that someone has to make the mkIV - possibly philips, siemens, etc. if i'm right i can't believe that there isn't a product on the market (made in japan, taiwan or korea) at a greatly reduced price that is, in essence, the same as the mkIV but at a fraction of the price.

am i right or am i going to have to bite the bullet and cough up?



ps. if a MKIII were to "malfunction" and be covered by warranty, would its replacement be a MKIV or simply another MKIII
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1. VDO makes the nav unit. Near as I can tell the SW that lets it communicate with the BMW systems is unique - it's what makes a 'VDO nav unit' a 'bmw mark 4'.

2. Any decent nav that does auto routing costs US$1000 or so, There are cheaper navs that tell you where you are, but no autorouting for a few hundred. These will NOT integrate.

3. No way around it- you either need to give up on nav (no aftermarket units are better than a Mark 3 IMHO, hence no point in that route) or upgrade

4. You'd get a remanned Mark 3. Nice try :)

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