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Gearbox oil plug leakage

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I have had a leaking gearbox plug for many years now. I have had BMW to sort it out at no vail.
When emptying the gearbox for oil yesterday, I realised that I was only miles away from a complete breakdown. The gearbox should have 1.8 litre of oil. Mine had 0.8 and it was very black. Probably overheated. I hope the gearbox will survive.
I have now learned from BMW that one should put a "thread sealer" on the plug and torque it to 50 NM. I did put the seal on and then I started to screw it in. After a while i realised that I can screw it in all the way!! There is no seating to torque it against!
Is my gearbox "broke" or is this normal that there is no seating?

By the way, the leak has made the gearbox support very soft and they now look spongy. Must be replaced. On the other hand I will probably not have any rsut uner the car in the future ;)
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From memory I think the plug is tapered, so as it goes in it should become tighter - the only problem is that over time the threads may open up and it may be harder to seal, as it relies on the taper rather than a sealing washer
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