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Anyone had any experince with G-POWER parts...are they any good???

Thanking of keeping my M5 but what to do some mods at least...


G-POWER Performance Upgrade BMW E39 M5
G-POWER performance optimization BMW E39 5.0l by modification of original data set
Standard output : 294 kW / 400 hp at 6600 rpm - 500 Nm at 3800 rpm - 250 km/h
G-POWER output: 306 kW/417 hp at 6700 rpm - 525 Nm at 3850 rpm - 290 km/h

110.1250.05 G-POWER sportheader set GP-Sport BMW E39 8Cyl.
Handcrafted from top-quality material for exhausts manifolds. Exhaust-flow optimization by smooth bore pipe (additional grinding of interior pipe). Performance increase depending on basic performance 5 - 8 KW. Power gain of 15 - 18 KW in connection with G-POWER racing cats.
Flange connection to be welded in.
Application: 5.0l/Convertible (left hand drive)


G-POWER Engine Clutch General information on G-POWER products:

Particularly for supercharged cars (as the G-POWER compressor cars EVO II and EVO III), G-POWER offers for these high requirements a particular clutch basing on parts of Fichtel & Sachs - meeting with the special requirements of today’s sport engines. The amplified clutch of G-POWER is made exactly for customers who want to keep their habits in operating the clutch as they are used to with the series version. For these customers we offer the GPS clutch sets, consisting of three pieces. The advantage of this clutch is that the rubbing discs, consisting of organic materials, are able to keep the pedal pressure despite of higher pressure on the clutch plate. These clutches can be used for performance upgraded cars (performance upgrade until 40 %). The GPR clutch sets are especially for supercharged cars, offering them a bit more pedal pressure and being designed for performance increases until 80 per cent.
Special models on request.
Art.-No. Product description
110.0300.05 G-POWER clutch set GP R - E39 M5 5,0l amplified
Consisting of pressure plate (with changed pressure features), amplified racing clutch disc and corresp. bearings, e.g. for EVO II kits.


Anyone knows -WHO makes Headers and Exhausts for them???

CHIP is about $500 (650US) EURO and CLUTCH (2 options 1200 and racing 1700 EURO (1500 and 2000US)...

Will get some info about Headers later... :cheers:
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