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Below is my review of Creiver BMW after an amazingly stupid series of interactions. I post it here as a heads-up for other consumers.
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WTF people??? Who is training the staff here? I called because of a recall letter about airbags in my BMW. But the letter had no details about what was wrong or how many airbags are affected.

I called Crevier the 1st time and got transferred through to what they called the recall dept., then was disconnected after explaining that I wanted more information.

I called back a SECOND time, and was inexplicably transferred to ONTARIO MINI! Then I was supposedly transferred back (10 min on hold so far) but no one picked up after another 5 min so I hung up.

THIRD call to Crevier: I was supposedly transferred to the recall department, but the lady who picked up said "Thank you for calling Kreever BMW", grossly mispronouncing Crevier. I corrected her (you are welcome Roger) and discovered that I had been transferred to an outside agency without notice and she of course could answer none of my questions. She also could not transfer me back to the dealership!

FORTH call: I asked for the service department and was transferred...This time a guy picked up and said "Thank you for calling Crever BMW" (again not pronouncing the name correctly).I didn't bother to correct him (you only get one for free Roger). Immediately recognizing this as a bad sign I confirmed with him that he worked for an outside company and thus could not answer my questions.

FIFTH call: Very explicitly requested the CREVIER service department, not an outside company, not a different Penske dealership, etc. etc. I was finally connected to service, and got a service adviser on the phone. He answered my questions.

Total time to get a 4min question answered was 41 MINUTES!!!

Are you kidding me? This is Penske management quality? I thought Crevier was sketchy before Penske took over but this seems even worse.

A business tip: If you don't value your customer's time they will not value your business.
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