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Hi all I have been chasing down a rough idle on my Range Rover for about 6months I have finally found it (don’t worry I’m not on the wrong forum here ;-). ) anyway I did this with the aid of a smoke machine and my snap on solus so I could keep a checking for leaks which randomly happened and be check the ltft and stft.

anyway that I think is finally sorted for the most part and then my m6 has started to get a bit of a rough idle (grrrr), now, logic dictates the same principle - so I plug my solus in... and it doesn’t display the fuel trims live anywhere. How is the best way to see these?

also while I was in there I noticed the exhaust gas temp. Bank 1 was slowly warming up starting at 20c however, bank 2 permanently said 1250c and never changed, is this right or is there an issue here?

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