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I have a burning question.

Can a bad fuel sender cause a parasitic drain on the battery?

The reason I ask is because 2 days ago the car wouldn't crank. I had dashboard lights but no crank. I also noticed my fuel gauge read I was on empty prompting the yellow light to come on even though I had half a tank.

My neighbor gave me a boost and I drove around for a while. Car was running normal without sputters, hesitations or codes. I filled up the tank.

2 days later I find myself In the same situation. Battery is dead, and for the record, less than a year old.

I think its important to mention both times the car doesn't start it is park on a slight incline. Which points my curiosity into the fuel tank department. Where as if I had parked it on level ground I probably wouldn't have posted this.

If anyone has any advice, opinions, or insight please dont hesitate to post. Thanks in advance.
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