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This is for a pair of Willans Club V6 Racing Harness. They are like new and work as intended. Their FIA certification however has ran out a long time ago, just an FYI if you intent on professionally competing with this set (track days aside).

The harness is black, and come with the necessary eye bolts and hardware. It comes with the shoulder straps, side straps, and sub-marine straps, as well as the locking mechanism. You need to source your own sub-marine adapter for your seat mount as they all vary.

Aircraft center locking/release mechanism is easy to use and also works like new.

Manufacture details:
Six strap body harness with six vehicle attachment points using snap hook and eye bolt mounting.
- All shoulder straps are 3" (75mm) wide. Lap straps are 3" (75mm) wide. ‘V’ crutch straps are 2" (50mm) wide.
- All straps fully adjustable. 3" (75mm) lap straps and all shoulder straps use Willans own steel anti-creep adjuster for control of wearer straps.
- Crutch straps are adjustable for individual drivers using 3 bar locker.
- Crutch straps are designed to stop driver submarining through the harness in high ‘g’ decelerations. These connect to the release mechanism by inserting crutch tongue into the 5th (lower) slot of the release mechanism.
-A Willans aircraft type rotary multi-point quick release mechanism is used for central fastening. Shoulder, lap and crutch straps connect individually to the release mechanism.

These retail for $325/each.

Asking $480 shipped for the pair.
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