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FS: Parting Out E39 M5 Parts

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I have the following parts for sale:

1. Dinan Stage I Flywheel (15,000km), 32,7lbs.
2. Trimble GPS Receiver Unit (good if your wife has no GPS on her BMer and you don't want to pay over $1000 for the receiver).
3. New OEM exhaust.
4. Entire Air Intake System (replaced with Dinan CAI).
5. Mark II GPS Computer (see usage from point 2. above).
6. Passenger side wheel well cover
7. New Air Pump (secondary air flow system)
8. New Air Pump check valve.
9. New gas cap.
10. New thermostat.
11. New Xenon ballast (aka control unit Xenon).

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is this only one ballast or two. can these be used to convert the high beams to xenon

only one ballast and yes it can be used as you asked; that is their function.

bump...come on daddy needs new rear tires:wroom:
how much for the flywheel...also will this fit a 540i?

BUMP - Thermostat is gone
Is it the complete exhaust from the cats back or just the rear mufflers?
Whats your current asking price? Obviously its not still $300 since you've been sitting on it at that price for almost a year (not to mention people around here are giving the rear cans away).
well it's not like any parts are breaking or the quality is degrading so why should the price..?
How about because its been sitting and hasn't sold at that price? Normally when things don't sell, their prices go down.hmmm

Do you still have the MAFs? If so, how old are they and how much would you want for them?
Normally, but not always...this is one of those cases ... if it's new, it's new just cause it's sitting around doesn't change anything.
Dinan Flywheel

Hi. Is the Dinan Flywheel still available?
Yes flywheel is still available, I PMed you.
Hi there,

how much for the Air Pump and check valve?

Would you ship to Dublin, Ireland?

1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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