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This is the special tool from that allows you to replace the differential bushings on the E38 and E39 while the subframe is on the car. You will have to remove the exhaust and differential to perform this procedure, but the tools make the actual bushing removal and installation VERY easy!

I purchased this tool last week because a differential leak had caused the front diff bushing to collapse from the gear oil. This tool has been used once to remove and install all three differential bushings. Technic Tool's price for this tool is $450 plus shipping-which I know is expensive, but once you actually see the quality of the pieces you will understand why it costs what it does.

I will sell the tool for $400 plus shipping, or I am willing to rent it out for a maximum of one week per rental. The rental costs are $90 for the actual rental, plus a mandatory deposit of $400 that will be fully refunded once the tool is returned to me after the maximum one week of use and is in the same condition as how it was sent to the renter. Any pieces that are missing or broken will be will be paid for out of the deposit with the remainder refunded. All shipping charges to you and back to me are to be paid person renting the tool.

If you have any questions please e-mail or PM me!


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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