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Item 1 - ChaseCam PDR100 with 1GB and 8GB cards.

Used very little. Turns out my wife forgets to turn off the recorder and my runs get overwritten...or I just forget to use it. Going back to old fashioned miniDV for now.

This is the full PDR100 in-car recorder. I will include the 12V adapter, the brand new (still in plastic packaging) 1GB CF card it came with, and the 8GB card I bought separately plus the bullet cam/video feed input Y-cable it came with. This cable will power the bullet cam directly from the ChaseCam PDR so you can avoid a separate power connection for it. The ChaseCam has a built in microphone that you can change the damping on for wind-noise free audio. It's very easy to use - one press for power on, one press for record, and another press to stop recording. All with the same button. Check it out on their website at

Summary for those who hate reading:
  • ChaseCam PDR100 solid state recorder
  • 12V car power adapter
  • Video input/12V power out Y-cable to power bullet cam
  • 8GB compact flash card (8-16 hours of recording)
  • 1GB compact flash card (brand new)
  • $550 plus shipping for all of the above


Item 2 - 520 line Bullet cam with spare lenses, effects remote, and cradle mount

I also have a 520 line resolution bullet cam with 3 lenses - one has about a 127 degree field of view (wide angle - perfect for rollbar mounting), one has about a 90 degree angle of view, and another has slightly smaller angle of view. It's weather resistant and is sealed with an O-ring to prevent water from getting inside. Also in this kit I will include the digital effects remote which can give you manual control over contrast and brightness for fine control over day or night recording. It also allows pan and tilt and 3x zoom (digital I believe). The camera does not move, it's done with software. No separate power required - the remote works from the camera's power supply directly. I will also throw in the ChaseCam bullet cam cradle mount. The ChaseCam Cradle will enable you to securely clamp your bullet camera to almost anything. At the business end of the cradle, is a stainless steel strap that wraps around your camera and provides an incredibly strong and secure method of holding the camera. The bullet camera rests on a strong glass-filled nylon base. The Cradle sits on an cleverly designed bracket that allows you to mount directly to a standard tripod mount. The Cradle allows the camera to be rotated 90 degrees relative to the bracket.

  • 520 line Sony-based weather-resistant digital bullet cam
  • Digital Effects remote (see above)
  • 3 lenses in total - one normal, one wide, one narrow angle
  • ChaseCam cradle mount for bullet cam
  • $200 for all of the above
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