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no dead pixels or scratches on the screen, all buttons and the tape unit work great. unit was taken off my M5, would make a great replacement for a unit with dead pixel or scratched screen. Bran new at stealer will run you over $2000. this will work with the following cars already equipped with nav system.

E38: Details on E38
E38 740i SEDAN, U.S.
E38 740iL SEDAN, U.S.
E38 740iLP SEDAN, U.S.
E38 750iL SEDAN, U.S.
E38 750iLP SEDAN, U.S.

E39: Details on E39
E39 525i SEDAN, U.S.
E39 528i SEDAN, U.S.
E39 530i SEDAN, U.S.
E39 540i SEDAN, U.S.
E39 540iP SEDAN, U.S.
E39 M5 SEDAN, U.S.

selling price $250 OBO, comes with the wood trim.
will post pictures is needed.
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