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Really nice, well maintained 2001 E39 BMW M5, silver with black interior. Right at 130K miles. All stock. I have owned the vehicle for three years and since 106K miles. Drives perfect!

Dash is pixel-perfect and the head unit is original and fully functional. I have never tried the 6 CD changer, and although it is equipped with GPS, I don't think I received (nor cared about) the CD of "maps" from 2001 :)

I'm not an active user on this forum, having lurked enough to find this car here in 2016, and now posting to sell. I will compile additional information and add here once I see that I am able to post successfully.

I will also list maintenance I have had performed. I just had the oil changed and I know the front brakes need to be replaced, which I will be doing in the coming week and is included in the price.

I will post VIN, additional info and additional pictures once I'm sure the post becomes visible.

Asking $15K

I'm the world's worst picture taker, but here are some shots of the vehicle:


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Other pertinent information:

VIN: WBSDE93471BZ98524
Purchased at 106K Miles
106,697 – Replaced rear brakes
Replace spark plugs

109,878 – Replaced valve cover gasket set
Oil Change

112,400 – Replaced camshaft intake sensor
Oil Change

116,000 – Replaced front splash panel
Replaced power steering hose
Oil Change

121,000 – Replaced air filter
Replaced set of microfilters
Brake fluid flush
Oil Change

122,000 – Replaced all four tires

125,700 – Oil Change
Replaced window washer pump

129,800 – Oil Change

130,200 – Replaced Front brakes
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