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For sale is my 2000 Royal Red M5, has 142K and climbing at about 500 Miles per month, as it is my daily. I am a master tech for Lexus so have done everything that ever needed to be done. I will attach the spreadsheet with cost of just parts for the vehicle over the past 4 years I've owned. Just parts have been in excess of 20K. The good news for the new owner is that the car needs nothing, but a new owner. Have more photos of interior+exterior upon request.

Highlights of car
  • Rod bearings done at 120K
  • New front seats+steering wheel+airbag+F10 shifter at 130K
  • Reupholstered headliner+a,b,c pillars in OE alcantara
  • refinished wheels at 140k
  • headers at 140k
  • rear subframe bushings + diff bushings at 140k
  • Brand new steering system(tie rods, drag link, etc.)
  • ST coilovers at 135k
  • full front suspension refresh at 140k
  • full rear suspension refresh at 135k
  • stock mufflers put back on, with outer mufflers gutted and vacuum valves installed to open at WOT. at 140k
  • Brand new brake kit installed at 140k
  • stainless steel brake lines all around + near abs unit at 135k
  • abs unit repaired at 130k
  • pixels in cluster repaired at 130k
  • all engine sensors (cps,tps,crank sensor) replaced at 130-135k
  • clutch line between pedal and slave replaced at 130k
  • Vanos solenoid Orings replaced at 141k
  • Euro lower dash+center console at 135k
  • Dynavin N7 at 130k
  • CSB on driveshaft replaced at 130k
  • all power steering lines +reservoir replaced 135k
  • Power steering pump replaced at 135k
  • Servotronic unit replaced at 135k
  • 4 new tires put on at 140k PS4S in front, Hankook v12 evo2 in rear.
  • Fuel pump+filter at 120k
  • evap canister+expansion tank at 135-140k
  • rear window rubber trim at 135k
  • full front cowl at 130k
As you can see, there is practically nothing untouched on the vehicle. There is no rust underneath anywhere.

  • Front bumper has a few rock chips and 1 spot where it was rubbed against the curb.
  • Rear bumper has a few scratches in rear right corner from someone rubbing against it.
  • 2 door ding dents. 1 on passenger front door, 1 on rear right c pillar.
Thats the list of problems. Everything has been sorted and you get a practically new feeling car for under 20k.
Selling only because I need to make space for the next car.
Any questions or want more pics, PM me or text me seven86 eight77 one314


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