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Due to the recent purchase of a '07 X5 4.8i (great timing with the increase in gas prices, right?) I am selling my '00 M5. I purchased this car back around the first of 2008 with 83k miles from the local Manheim auction, and have done lots of maintenance and upkeep on it in the past 19k miles. Here is a list of things that have been replaced in the last 3 years/19k miles:

Flex disc (Guibo)
Rear main seal
Differential input shaft seal
Differential and subframe bushings
All front control arms and bushings/outer tie rods
Front sway bar links
Oil changes between 5000-7500 miles with BMW/Castrol TMS 10w-60
Air and microfilters
Pre-cat Oxygen sensors
Final stage resistor
Instrument panel replaced (due to missing pixels)
New battery
Replaced window regulators in drivers front rear doors, plus rear passenger door

Here are a few pics from a while back of the car-updated ones are to follow.

This is a two owner car with a clean title. It has had paintwork, all performed by a good friend of mine. Is the respray overall 100% factory perfect? No, but no respray is. But it looks very good with just a few very minor flaws here and there. Much better than what 11 year old, 102k miles paint would look. All four wheels were just refinished by Prince Wheel Services in NC. Due to someone backing into the right rear wheel a week after I got the wheels back from them, that wheel was refinished by a mobile wheel repair person while the car was in the body shop and the repair on that wheel is perfect and matches the other wheels perfectly. The front tires are a year old, the rear tires are brand new with 500 miles on them. The headlights were updated to the 2001+ angel eye setup with 55 watt HID's.

The car does have a few issues. About 1000 miles ago the SES light started coming on. Carsoft code readout shows what looks to be the typical carbon buildup issue. The motor runs absolutely perfectly with no problems AT ALL. I am planning on having the DME sent off to one of the programmers that can tell the DME not to look for that code so the SES light will not be triggered.

The last time I did an oil change, the drain hole in the oil pan stripped-another typical issue at this mileage. Before the sale I will remove the pan and have the hole retapped/threaded for a permanent fix. Alternatively, I may replace with a new oil pan.

Airbag light is on due to failed seat sensor in the passenger seat. I am not planning to repair this before the sale. The passenger rear view mirror glass is starting to fail and look milky due to the auto dimming substance inside. The power tilt up function for the rear view mirrors works, but occasionally they need some assistance in coming down.

There is an occasional popping noise coming from the right front when backing up in reverse. My guess is that its possibly the right upper strut mount that needs replacing.

The car does have a couple of minor dings but because of the respray and refinished wheels the car does look almost brand new. The interior is in good shape with the typical leather wear. All interior functions work properly.

I know I am missing some information on here probably, so just ask if you need anymore information. I've tried to be as honest as possible in describing the issues that it has, and some of them I will take care of before the sale. Others, I honestly just don't have time to but the price of the car reflect that.

And talking about price, I am asking $11,200. My writeup of the car makes it sounds worse than it actually is. It really is a great car and has been extremely reliable since I owned it-never once breaking down. Also, the chassis of my car shows a 2/2000 production date. However, shows my car has having a 3/2000 production. I have removed some of the interior pieces and I have March 2000 date stamps. I have basically no oil usage between oil changes, so it stands to say that my engine was one of the first with the updated piston rings to reduce oil consumption.

I will be adding some pictures to this post as soon as possible. Due to my schedule it will be another week before I can take updated pics of the car and the interior, so until there bare with me. You can email me at [email protected] dot com or send me a private message here if you are interested or have questions.

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Sorry for not updating the thread earlier, but yes the car has been sold.
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