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2000 M5 ~15000 Miles
Silverstone (silver/blue) , silverstone two-tone interior.
All options sans phone.

Located in SF bay area.

The following on the car are new (and I mean NEW), so this is a 15,000 mile car with many parts that are practically zero miles, including:


The car is super clean, no chips/dents/etc. It has basically been indoors/under cover for over 4 years of its life, still looks and smells new.

How is this possible? This was the first Dinan supercharged customer car. I have 8 sports cars from a DD to a 1400HP 2000LB street car, and I'm a picky SOB. The car could not be made to run in a manner satisfactory to me, though it may have been fine to someone else.
After a few tries at a remedy for my issues, I requested that Dinan return the car to stock form - that is, completeley stock. Since my original parts were lost, Dinan purchsed new parts to put the car back to stock, hence the list above.

Why am I selling this car? I have an f430 on the way, and I need to make room, hence this car is going.

Interested parties can contact me at [email protected] , and please, only contact me if you are seriously interested, I do not have the time nor patience for tire kickers.
To answer the questions I'm sure that I would be contacted for despite this request, please read the following:

I would still do business with Dinan in a heartbeat. The car with the supercharger may well have met the requirements of most users.
If you need validation of the car history, bug Dinan, not me.


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Huh. Just saw this...

Wonder what was not perfect with the Dinan SC. I'm afraid to ask. :)

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