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After much deliberation, I've decided to part ways with my 1993 (E34) M5 that I purchased off of Bring-a-trailer about a year ago. Since I purchased it, I've driven it approximately 2k miles and it has been a joy to drive. I'm the 3rd steward of the M5 and the previous gentleman owned it since 1998, which is approximately 22 years! He kept meticulous records of the maintenance that he conducted on the M5, both keys, a valet spare, and some interesting BMW literature that I may provide to new owner as well.

Since I purchased the M5 I've spent approximately 5k in preventative maintenance (documented via receipts);

  • Oil + filter (2X)
  • Replaced valve cover gasket
  • Replaced rear plate gasket
  • Spark plugs
  • AC service and fitting (ice cold AC)
  • Re-sealed diff
  • Diff cover seal and diff oil
  • Rear subframe mount
  • Rear diff bushing
  • Diff mount (front)
  • Replaced all 3 drive belts
  • Replaced coolant line
  • Replaced washer tank level sensor and fluid
  • Replaced battery
  • Leakdown and compression test (nominal across all cylinders)
  • Replaced hood struts
  • Replaced air filter
  • Recently detailed

I get compliments from BMW fans when I drive it around town and with the recent maintenance it really drives extremely well. With that being said, the future steward will have to address the stereo (I pulled out the dead one and I haven't had time to sort out a replacement), the front control arms show wear according to my mechanic, and the rear brake pads are coming near the sensor for replacement.

I'm asking 33k firm for the M5.

Here is a link to the BaT with a ton of information pertaining to the maintenance from the previous owner.



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I’ll add some additional context to my sale since there are some hecklers in the peanut gallery. I bought the M5 while I was finishing my graduatedegree and pending a future (unknown) assignment. I’ve since moved for my current position and I have different opportunities due to my new geographic location that I wish to pursue. I’ve addressed several maintenance items because I’d be happy to hold onto it if it doesn’t move at my current price. Like many others, I figured I’d try to sell it to a forum member before I consider BaT.

Thanks y’all

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