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Hey guys (and gals) I have to sell this 1991 5 seater M5 as my business sucks right now!!! It has 230k on the chassis and around 150k on the motor. Some of you may remember a while back when I was going to put a S38B36 in an E34 wagon and build a tourning. After pondering it too long, I decided to scrap the project. I had purchased a '91 M5 that was hit in the front that La Jolla Independent had always serviced so I was confident about the motor. So, I kept the driveline and sold the rest. I ran across this car in December that a friend of mine told me about. So to make a long story short, I bought the car and transplanted the motor, tranny, ECU, and wiring harness.

The car is extremely rare in this color combo and even more rare is the car was not fitted with the silly rear a/c unit! SLS has been removed and replaced with Billies and springs, it has a new headliner and rear parcel tray, MK Motorsport wheels, vented rotors, BMW C/D, new floor mats, 1995 E34 leather door panels, and a fresh detail and polish by me! It is ready to go and is one of the nicest/tightest driving E34s I have ever been in. All tools are in the kit, and the spare has never seen the road. No squeaks, rattles, leaks, or shakes-just a tight respectable driver. Price is $10,500 or best offer.

Pics available upon request.
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