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I have a 1991 E34 M5 3.6L S38B36 with 157K

Alpine Weiss II
Black Interior

New Parts:

Oil Cooler
V Belts
Water Pump
All Coolant Hoses (Silicon)
Radiator Hoses
Spark Plugs
Strut Mounts
Sway Bar Links
Brake Pads
All Filters
All Fluids (Synthetics)
Outer and Inner tie rods
Drilled and slotted StopTech Rotors
Rear Pitman arms
Ebrake springs and pads

The Style 190 wheels in the first several pictures are no longer on the car or available. The care currently has Brand new ULTRA rare 18x9 Style 42's with Falkin 912's
(Was told I bought the last brand new set in the world)

Mtech 1 Steering wheel

It has a new Dinan chip which is rated for 343HP and 294TQ

It has a straight through 3” SS exhaust system coming straight off the headers running back to a dual tip magnaflow which has prob added another 10-15hp
This also cut about 50lbs off the car

Suspension is brand new. The car is riding on adjustable BC racing coilovers, with height adjustment front and rear and dampening adjustment. They ride great,
and the spring rates were in the 550 range if I remember correctly. Load leveling suspension stuff has been deleted.

All window motors, locks, gauges, stereo, and stuff like that works great.

AC and Heat work.

Price is $16K obo

Would be willing to trade for a 1989 325i 4 door Sedan with a turbo M20/30 and LSD + Approx. $5-7K on your end.

Red, Schwarz, Alpine.... Something kind of like this:


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Here's a bit of information of the E34 M5:

The rarity of this car is a hard thing to convey to people if they don't know about them.

The E34 M5 was the last of the hand built cars that BMW made.

Based on information found on the US M5 Registry there were only 1678 E34 M5's Imported to the States

This truly is a collectors car.

There are not many of these cars still floating around and the majority of the ones that are are mechanically and cosmetically garbage.

This particular M5 howsoever is 100% Mechanically sound and is a blast to drive. It's so awesome to see the look on kids faces when you blow by them in there ricers in your 20 year "luxury" sedan (which is really a 350HP sleeper)

Make me an offer on this Beast
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