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This car was imported from europe via european delivery. All parts were shipped directly from Alpina for this car. It is a real stunner. I am selling it because I have had the car since 1990, and do not have the room for the car anymore. It has been my daily driver since - and I have driven the car and maintained it throughout.


194,000 miles
euro delivery
never tracked
sole owner
mobil 1 only and frequently
Bronzeit Beige (silver/beige metallic) - one ding on lower passenger door panel, paint chip on right lower air dam, minor stone chips on front edge of hood, no other visible damage
Natur leather interior with full wood option - has wear
Headliner suffers from typical age-related wear



Alpina B10 BiTurbo (Billstein/Eibach) suspension system
Alpina B10 BiTurbo 8.5 and 9.5 x 17 wheels with integrated lock system
(On Bridgestone Potenza S-03 tires : 265/40/17 rear, 225/45/17 front)
Alpina rear spoiler
Alpina front Air Dam (type II)
Alpina "B10 3.5" front and rear badging
Alpina steering wheel rim (note: for purists, I ordered a different stitching pattern for the leathered steering wheel than the stock Alpina rim - but it is still alpina blue and green !)
Alpina digital vdo instrument cluster (with voltmeter, oil temp, oil pressure, and REAR DIFFERENTIAL TEMP ! )
Alpina floor mats (new)
Alpina diamond black painted manifold cover
Alpina stitched - handbrake boot and illuminated stickshift (note: stickshift needs replacement)
Alpina brake duct cooling from bumper
Alpina threshold information stickers


note: car has every BMW option except for the tow hook!
Xenon lights remanufactured in Germany (real OEM Xenons, not aftermarket kit)
BMW euro headlights with 3 step city lights, flood light and full Xenon (see above)
M5 3.8 (Euro original) Nurburgring brake system (front and rear)
M5 3.8 euro split spoke mirrors
M5 3.8 euro license plate filler (thinner than U.S. models)
M5 3.8 side skirts
M5 3.8 rear apron
M5 3.8 shift unit
M5 3.8 steering box unit (replaced 2 years ago - $1,200)
M5 foot rest
M5 3.8 antiroll bars
E32 750il heavy duty steering linkage bushings
BMW electric Lumbar Support
BMW heated seats
BMW electric rear sunshade
BMW rear door manual sunshades (integrated)
BMW rear seat head rests
BMW M5 custom center armrest ($1000 option !) (euro only)
BMW integrated ski sack
BMW power sunroof
BMW Automatic dipping rearview mirror (euro only)
BMW allweather floor mats and unused BMW showcar floor mats
BMW map reading lights (front and rear)
BMW custom wood - center console for 3 independent analog gauges (oil pressure, engine tem
BMW euro driver's side security glove box
BMW euro rear foglights
BMW euro side marker lights (standard on later years)
BMW headlight and foglight high-intensity pressure cleaning system


Racing Dynamics strut brace
Racelogic, UK ASC control - high performance, GT class unit (in place but never connected...was going to put it in for track use - but never tracked the car)
B&B exhaust
Rear Trunk custom carpeted in Porsche Silver knit carpet
2 BMW OEM snow tires/wheels included
K&N full air filer system
Red racing plugs


Sony CDX-C90 ES (Audiophile) Headunit with integrated remote
Sony integrated 10 disc DVD/CD changer
Sony ES additiional 10 disc CD changer (hidden)
Zapco audiophile amps / preamps x 3
Alpine MVA 7.5" motorized monitor (new)
Sony 6-Minidisc changer integrated in glovebox
A/D/S (original) audiophile speakers
Focal ported/integrated sub boxes
Prewired integrated cell phone speaker system
Navigation - ready
Valentine prewired with integrated remote control
Secondary PIAA amber foglight integrated behind bumper (not connected currently)
VDO night design instrument cluster (to be removed)


This car has been my daily driver. The majority of the miles (85%) are highway (non city) miles - does that matter to anyone really?

Car has been maintained well without cutting any corners. I never had any intention to sell the car, but I honestly have no room for it. Every time I drive it, invariably someone asks to buy it. When you see it, you will know why. BMW simply does not make cars like this E34 anymore (my opinion). It is a perfect example of german design.

READ THE FOLLOWING: "Even after I decided I was going to sell it a couple days ago, my girlfriend followed me in another car, and commented "Do you know.....that the Alpina looks so hot !" - while that might seem a silly comment to most, the telling thing is, she was supposed to be SUPPORTING my decision to sell the car...not the other way around.

NOW READ THIS: I wrote the above 6 months ago, but I could not bring myself to sell the car !!! That is how good this car really is!

The car does not carry an Alpina VIN number - the reason for this was that the car was picked up european delivery, and there seemed to be no straight answer as to the importation regulations of converted cars - and at that time, we (I) was also concerned about voiding the BMW USA warranty (which I later learned is a non-issue). So the decision was made to have these parts installed in the car like any "aftermarket" car. Up until recently, I have been spending $6,000/year on the car - I write this not so you will say the car is expensive to maintain - but so you will know what my psychosis is - to keep the car handling and driving perfectly. Every bolt, grommet, bushing, screw showing any sign of wear is replaced immediately. (If it hasn't been, that is an ovesight of the mechanic - not me). The car is the best handling car I have ever owned. period. This includes certain exotics, porsches, and sport quattro audis. (as well as the Alpina b12 5.7 coupe I own). In fact, when I set up any newer cars, I make sure the person has test driven my Alpina to know what I am looking for in terms of handling. It is scary how impressive this is. The car has been on many runs with the E39 M5's and does a great job keeping up - especially on turns (it outperforms them).

Another Note: I had all the original Alpina extra components - engine chips, bushings, etc..... but they were recently thrown away (by accident) in the process of moving ($$$$$$) - that was not a fun day! (I mention this, because I had the original chip changed early on - I dont remember the exact reason but I think it may have been a concern regarding US fuel combustion or some non-sense like that - so I took it out and changed it with a Dinan chip which is currently in place in the car)


- Cruise control was sticking so I disconnected it because I never used it
- Windshield washer pump needs to be replaced (lazy lazy lazy)
- needs a new roundel on the front (I will throw in for free ! lol)
- new windshield 2 years ago
- new steering box (euro M5) 2 years ago
- recently replaced suspension
- recently replaced brake pads
- recent oil change
- 194,000 miles - car has been driven - and has no engine issues whatsoever - I had a radiator hose rupture (from age) last week - which was replaced, and am having the head gasket replaced currently - so it will have a brand new gasket when the new owner picks up the car. The engine is the least concern about this car
- car was hit in the rear 10 years ago while in stop and go traffic on an off ramp - but no mechanical damage to the car at all. It was isolated to the rear trunk lid and bumper cover.

Alpina parts on the car have a market value of about... $6,000 ?
BMW option parts are (conservatively).......$5,000 ?
Aftermarket parts...... $500 (?)
Electronics / Audio.....$3000 (original system is $10,000)
Car is worth $12,000 ?

PRICE BOTTOM LINE : The car (without the speakers, the vdo "night design" gauges, and the Alpina Digital display) - I will sell for $10,000 which includes the cost of a new headgasket (which will be about $1,000).

--> I really got my use out of the car, and have really really enjoyed owning this car, I am putting the ad on the m5 board, because I have always appreciated this community, so I would like the car to go to a fellow member, and SO, the first person (note: I will give preference to more active members on the board) to put a deposit on the car, gets it !

If you prefer to contact me off the board, my email address is alpinadvl at - yahoo




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Some more pictures,

and forgot to add:

BMW euro rear lenses and front indicator lenses
Included BMW hood cover (bra) and mirror covers
BMW weather protection floor mats
Miscellaneous extras (Alpina and BMW) - will throw in.


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Thanks for the comments guys and email inquiries. I am getting really low offers, but I will consider the best offer, so feel free to make one.

I have a feeling that, at some point, I am just going to give the car to someone who actually truly wants it, rather than take a $3,000 "offer" lol...

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That car is beautiful! My timing is horrible, I will be in the market soon, but not soon enough.

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Hi. Just to answer a couple of emails I have received.....

I am not intending to sell the Alpina digital display - if I do, I will post it here first. thanks for the inquiry.

(this does not include head gasket change....which is a bargain for $800 more)


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Sorry for the delayed response... I didnt see the posts to this thread...

- Car is still for sale. I had put everything "on hold" because I became preoccupied with some stuff.

- In the meantime, New headgasket was placed, car has had a tuneup, miscellaneous parts replaced, windshield washer pump replaced (working now), and prepped for it's next owner ;)

If you are interested, please contact me via : alpinadvl (att) ya/-hoo or send me a pm.


please note :
1. Alpina floor mats not included in sale. Band new, never used OEM BMW "autoshow" Floor Mats will be supplied - in addition to BMW allweather floormats.
2. Stereo is removed from car , BMW OEM units will be provided (or equivalent)
3. As indicated in original post, Alpina digital display, and VDO gauges removed from car.

** I want to make sure this is clear, because the price for this car is EXTREMELY CHEAP considering what kind of condition this car is in.... excellent. And don't be put off by the miles... this car was made in "West Germany"... not influenced by japanese and american cost-cutting influences from the recent past !!! **

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1st Question- is car still available.....
2nd question- where is car located i saw NY plates
i also am in ny and am looking for a e34 m5
Currently, car is garaged in Long Island, NY.
I am going to transport it this week to Westchester, NY. (when the roads clear!)

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Will have some interior pics after car comes back from detailer this week (perhaps monday?)

in the meantime... some additional pics :

ps: the 3 "detail" (dirty car!) shots were taken yesterday before car went to get detailed ! ;)


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its a shame its forbiden to import used cars to Brazil...

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To any potential buyer I can only say that after having known Alf for a long time, he is extremely serious about his cars, and definitely on my list of people I would buy a used car from. And that list is not long by the way. But I don't think I even have to post this as BMW enthusiast in the US already know Alf as probably the greatest Alpina enthusiast/resource within the country.

Alf, I hope this car goes to a loving new home as its history is pretty special.

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To any potential buyer I can only say that after having known Alf for a long time, he is extremely serious about his cars, and definitely on my list of people I would buy a used car from. And that list is not long by the way. But I don't think I even have to post this as BMW enthusiast in the US already know Alf as probably the greatest Alpina enthusiast/resource within the country.

Alf, I hope this car goes to a loving new home as its history is pretty special.


thanks Michael !

just trying to find the right person for this car.

stay tuned for car pic porn !

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Exterior Shots : Taken a couple of hours ago today.


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