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Frt turn signal bulb, search no help

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First off I have tried searching on every forum on e39s for this answer, but none of them have helped. on my 2001 M5 with US spec factory Hella HID angel eye headlamps (just so there is no confusion!!), i want to change the factory turn signal BULB, not the amber reflector on the side, to a stealthbulb or solaris "chrome" bulb. i cannot find the part number to correspond with the factory # 3156ALL listed on replacement bulb guide. what is the sidemarker bulb# as well as I never got around to searching this (sorry!).
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Make you're you're looking for 3156A. The LL simply stands for Long Life and it's a Sylvania thing.

As for the replacement bulb, I'm finding 3157 chrome bulbs, but I dont know if they're interchangeable.

Also, if you've never removed the turn signal and they have been in your car from the factory, then get ready to buy some new turn signal sockets. Mine were dried and cracked when I tried to take them out. I ended up getting new ones that use a different kind of bulb.
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