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From Hand made to machine made

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I find it hilarious that BMW is practically bragging that the new m-cars are made by machines/robots in this video, way different than the marketing used for our cars:

YouTube - BMW 1 Series M Coupé. Step 3.
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That's because the bean counters have taken over. For instance, the wingtip wearers decided to use a cheaper option on the E39 clutch rationalizing that hardly anyone would use the car hard enough to see the difference between the high cost option and a cheaper cooking version. As a result the E39 M5 got a reputation for eating clutches. I suppose the accountants would point out that BMW lost money on each E34 M5 they built. Just my tuppence.

ralph (vadas1)
Some of the best things in life invariably end in loss of profit...
It looks like a fun little car. It will certainly please the "performance specs" fans but as for
true enthusiasts looking to experience the most out of a car (turbo's, DCT, electric this, electronic that, ...),
might as well play GT5 :D !

From Car & Driver: "Turbo lag is slight and doesn’t significantly detract from the experience."

The accelerator pedal is constantly used when driving.
Any driver looking for a connected experience would be distracted from the lag whatever level it is.

I am not sure that the E28 and E34 M5's were ever intended to make a profit. They were "Halo" cars built in small numbers with the intention of boosting the image of the lesser 518i's and 520i's that sold by the thousands. A clever ploy by the marketing people.

When the E39 came along, I think the M division became more mainstream, with cars being built on production lines in much greater numbers. Probably built to a cost too!!
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I like it!

If I could afford it, I would def. get one over some other offerings.
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