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Hi again,
Hopefuly, someday, I'll be able to start offering answers on this site instead of always asking questions. But for today - here it goes...

We're moving to las vegas in September, and I'm trying to put together all the pieces of the puzzle, so to speak. I've read conflicting information concerning the use of a freezer in a garage. We currently live in a climate with one, maybe 2 weeks of the summer getting over 90 degrees. We use an upright freezer in our garage without any trouble. However, I'm concerned that the hot climate in LV will be too much of a strain on a freezer out in the garage. Do any of you use a freezer in your garage like on the ? If so - how well does it work? And if it works well - does it cost much more to run than if you kept it in your house?

As always - thanks in advance for your advice and opinions!
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