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I have had my E39 M5 for less than a month now, but finally got around to doing some routine maintenance. I love being able to dig in to a new car as I find all kinds of things I want to change/repair, and I also have the satisfaction of knowing the car is being properly cared for.

For starters, I did a routine oil change, replaced cabin filters, and fixed a non-functioning e-brake handle. I also cleaned the engine bay a bit with the air hose.

Here are a couple shots I took when I washed it. They are iPhone pictures so not great quality and obviously not a fancy background. I will continue to update as I tinker with more things. :thumbsup:

Here are a couple shots of my other car. Its a 2003 Mitsubishi Evo VIII. This is my track toy, and I am building it to compete in Redline Time Attack. It is currently in need of a bit of work, but thats ok since I love working on it as well.

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