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Selling my baby. I need a Sedan. Looking to buy an M5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2002 Porsche TwinTurbo

Basalt Black w/Black Full Leather Interior
24,000 miles

Factory Options:
Sports Seats - Heated Seats
Rain Sensing Wipers
Auto-dimming mirrors
10-Speaker Bose Stereo w/subwoofer
White-Face Gauges
Full Carbon Fiber Interior (a $6800 option)

Performance Upgrades:
Techart (programmed) DME (500+ HP)
Techart (street) exhaust
Techart Aluminum Racing Pedals
Techart Undercar Short Shift Kit (3-way adjustable)
Bilstein PSS9 (adjustable) Suspension
Lowered to GT2 Specs
Bailey's BOV
Front Gambella Strut Tower Brace
Techquipment Rollbar
K-40 Radar\Laser Full Install (front/back)

New Parts:
New Battery
New Clutch/Flywheel (dealer installed) $4600/cost
New Front Rotors/Pads
2-New Bridgestone Potenza SO2-A Tires

This car is perfect, no scratches/door dings. This car is in excellent shape with existing full factory Warranty to 10/05.

I have test driven a few M5's, and next to my TT, they felt extremely SLOW.
This is a 0-60 at sub 3.8sec times. 1/4 mile in the low 12's.
The power and speed is truely fantastic.

With over $25,000 in mods.

Priced at $84,000 OBO

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Are you looking for e39 or e60 M5?

I have 2003 CB with full options with 14K miles. Warranty until June 2007.
I just sold my 2002 996 and started to look for a 996tt.

PM me if you are interested.


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Hi Guys:
Thanks for the great response. Just to clarify: I am looking for a Red OR Black M5 ('00 or '01).
As far as my car + cash (how much cash?) I think what is fair is to compare Average Trade In or Average Retail of your car against my car. You can go to KBB, Edmunds, or NADA websites. It doesn't matter which numbers you use, but use similar values for both cars. This is the "cash" I am looking for in the trade.

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just to give everyone an idea of what the blue book values for the cars are:

2002 M5, 45000 miles, all options: 51000
2002 turbo, full leather, spoiler: 82000

so it looks like the blue book values are about 30k apart. a bigger gap than i was anticipating

ernie :(

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You are correct!!!!!
I was looking at a $40K+ gap with a 2000 M5, down to a $30K+ gap with a 2002 M5.
It is a big difference, but my car was a MSRP $130K back in 2002. With over $25K of Mods. With a TT you are going past the "great performance" catagory (M5). And you are stepping into SuperCar/Exotic catagory. You are getting an everyday driver that can beat most Ferraris, Vipers, etc. And keep up with any exotic on the road.
The price of admission is high, but the ride is worth it!
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