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I have a 1994 M5 (530i) 5-Speed manual transmission for sale in Grand Prairie, TX. with ~268,289 Km. It is labled as 530i on the side door label, but has M5 decals in the rear and door stills. It appears to be an import from Canada, and the car’s speed-o-meter displays Km. I don't have any previous information/documentation from the car prior to purchase from a local dealer except for some verbal notes from the seller.

Rebuilt engine
Custom Body Kit
Several maintenance services
Previous owner invested a great amount of money on parts and maintenance, as well as on the exterior.

The car runs excellent, feels great while running and is in overall good condition. It does, however, have a few issues. First there is rust build up under and lower area of the car. It was re-painted, with some areas showing rust under. It is possible the car was under heavy flooding as rust was found in the trunk area as well. The gas tank was affected and had a leak, but has been replaced with one from a 530i. Interior is in great shape, with little cosmetic issues (driver’s seat back cover’s hinges were ripped, preventing the top part of it to stay in place properly). Body kit has been damage from multiple bumps and hits on curb. The car seems to have been lowered.

Some repairs have been made at home:
Change of fuel tank
Replaced valve gaskets
Replaced spark plugs @ 261,542 Km
Brake fluid tubes replace (original were leaking)
O2 sensor replaced

Tires have about 80-85% thread and are the recommended size (Falken ZIEX ZE 329 225/60R15). Has been running excellent for the past 6 months that I’ve owned it.

Check out some photoshere.

Asking for $7,000. Please call (469)386-1414 or email me at [email protected]

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