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Hi all,

Went out to my car a few days back and removed the shifter plate for the first time (to replace my original leather boot, which was in shambles)—found a horribly mangled yellow/orange foam pad (presumably for heat and sound dampening). Completely beaten after 30 years, and falling apart.

I could not find a part # on realoeam for either the foam or the black covering; I did however come across more questions about sourcing (seems its NLA, if it ever was available). I also came across a "dust plate" on condor and a few other websites, which got me to thinking.

I went on and found the following items:
  • Flame-Retardant Sound-Absorbing Foam Sheet (85% Sound Absorbed, 2" Thick, 12" Wide, 1 Foot Long), Part No. 6564T7
  • Fire-Retardant Carbon Fiber Sheet (60" Wide x 0.02" Thick, 1 ft. length), Part No. 8711T31
  • Chemical-Resistant Slippery Teflon® PTFE Sheet (Black, 1/16" Thick, 12" Wide, 12" Long) Part No. 8545K186
The foam is probably close to what was originally used. However, I'll use carbon fiber to enhance heat dampening on the bottom (hopefully allowing it to hold up longer). I'll also use a modern hard form on top to minimize dust and static electricity.

I plan on using 3M aerosol adhesive to stick the carbon fiber sheet to the bottom of the foam. I intend to Dremel the semi-rigid teflon sheet into form and lay it over the foam (tbd on whether I will use aerosol or an epoxy to connect; may even just lay it over to and leave it unattached).

I'll update once I create the form (based on the original's dimensions). Hope this helps someone, and saves them 3 hours of research!
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