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Fitting an E36 M airbag wheel to E34

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Hello to all! first time on here and found it through google!! :blabla:

I was wanting to change my standard E34 SRS Airbag wheel (well the M Tech 3 spoke one that looks pants!!) for a better one!!

I was told it can't be changed, and that an M Tech II wheel wont fit as the columns are different!

Then I read that the E36 M Tech Wheel fits, and that an E36 M Tech II wheel fits the airbag model!!

Anyone done this? are there any problems? do i need more than the E36 airbag wheel to do the retrofit?

All help greatly appreciated! :sad3: :confused:
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So no-one knows?

Oh well!! I bought the wheel so i'll see how it goes!! :(
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