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Yesterday afternoon we went to pick up my car at offenga in the north of Holland, around 120 km away. We took the 530D Touring '99 from midnightsun, a member of this forum, ( and a former E34 M5 touring owner which we sold recently to the same guy in the north fixing a couple of things on mine.
Wheather conditions where good. Nice and sunny with lots of oxygen in the air to burn:grinyes:

We skipped the highways and testen de M suspension of the 530 on these nice little roads over there. So far so good.
At Offenga we had a small talk with the engineers. The owner (Jacob Offenga) just came back from England picking up RHD E39 M5 which he drove himself back to Holland. (Must feel strange for us mainlanders to shift with your lefthand. The whole car is mirrored but not the pedalsmmmmmm. Anybody wondered why that is?? Clutching with your leftfoot and shifting with your leftarm. Strange man those Islanders:biggrinbounce::biggrinbounce:, driving on the left side of the road and keeping this up for years already........

The RHD E39 M5 was there for the parts only. Especially the engine and guess what? The receiving car, a E28 ETA, was there on the bridge as well with his mouth wide open waiting for a nice piece of metal to chew on........and yes this piece of metal was the 400 BHP of the E39. It's like pulling the heart out of Usain Bolt and mount it backon Carl Lewis (That guy ran so beautifully!!!). Of ocurse the E28 needed some re-enforcements here and there to handle this powerunit.......

Now the time had come to fie up the old lady and see what she's been through the last week. With a new steeringbox, new blackpowerflexxes, new crankshaft seals, flushed EDC fluid, new tyres, new clutch, I couldn't wait to take her out........

Back to the south we took the testttrack (Afsluitdijk), which is a piece of 20 mile straight highway right through the "water". This dike (No it has nothing to do with women!) devides the North Sea from the big inner lake in Holland.

This first part went really well with the 2 Tourings runningbetween 200 km/h and 220 km/h. (Of course we checked out if there was any speedcontrol on that piece an luckily there wasn't......)

It's amazing how the car has changed in it's road bahaviour after the things that have been done! This was really fun! Until.......
Close to Amsterdam we relaxed a little bit not going any faster then 160 which is still to fast but hee........

Suddenly midnight sun who was driving a 100 yards behind me (I couldn't see him at that ime) called me on my cell. The moment I picked it up, next to me was VW golf with.....2 Coppers in there looking at my car with a face that was not promising......I thought......oh well,.... they caught me calling without handsfree so I followed them. Midnishtsun came in 30 seconds later......

They had been trailling us for a couple of minutes doing 160 (100 allowed). Not with high tech measurement equipment but just on there speedo.

With correction and all the fined us for doing 146 which is just below 50 km over the allowed speed. midnightsun got the same fine as he followed me and the coppers (Shouldn't have done that....)
Paralell to that a fine of 180 euros for the calling......

Did we feel lucky today.....Yes we did! What if they caught us 10 minutes earlier on the Dike:deal::deal::deal:

Until the next time:wroom::grinyes:eek:uich

PS: My forum name is derived from another hobby I used to share with midnightsun. It's actually the teamname of a former slotrace team back in the nineties. Slotracing is racing "in" small cars on wooden tracks and they DO accelerate much faster then a fomula one car up to a 60miles an hour:):)


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Nice story Willem

Glad that she's back and improved for you. Good the coppers were not too bad with you as well. And effectively breaking an e39! :eek:

As for driving on the right of the car that is natural to us now, remember hiring a corsa in Menorca in 1988 and kept opening the door when trying to select a gear:tonquesmilie::tonquesmilie:
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