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Just got the new Auto Motor & Sport.
the M5 goes up against the CLS55.

Cant scan the articel but can give you some performance results.

the cars are equally fast in straight line. Both hit 100kph mph at 4,7 sec,

kph M5 / CLS55
80 3,8 3,4
100 4,7 4,7
120 6,3 6,2
140 7,9 8,0
160 10 10,3
180 12,2 12,8
200 14,8 15,5

Slalom manouvers 18 meters pole distance

65,3 kph / 62,9 kph

Emergancy manouver( Elch test/ moose test )

138,5 kph / 136,6 kph ( The CSL did this test in +150 kph)

Brakes 100 kph to 0

Cold brakes 39 meters / 39 meters
Warm brakes 39 meters / 39 meters
Warm and fully loaded car 39 meters / 39 meters
Brakes 190 kph - 0 137 meters / 139 meters

Split brakin

Very low traction on one side and full traction on the others side.
102 meters / 106 meters

Fuel consumtion litres/100 km.

Minimum 11,5 / 11,1
Maximum 20,3 / 18,9
Avarage fuel consumption during test periode 16,8 / 15,3

Noice at 180 kph 72 dB (A) 72 / 75

They rate the car with a point system they always use, deided in 8 groups.
6 that has to do with the cars it selves and 2 that has to do with environment and cost.

1. Body of the car ( space, austattung, quality feeling safety equipment ..... P
2. Bedien sicherheit ( have no clue how that is in English ) Lights, Instruments .....
3. Comfort
4. Drive unit and gear box
5. Handling
6. Breaks
7. Environment
8. Cost
The CLS55 wins on points with 515 vs 513 points.

M5 wins the category 1-5-8

It loose the category 4 on
Engine smoothness
Low range torque
gear box
fuel consumption
Fuel range

The conlcution on the CLS55 is

Userfriendly and lower fuel consumtion is the basic criteria behind the victory of the CLS. It does not get the emotions but with the fantastic powerdelivery and better comfort is wins this test.


With the new M5 you canm program your pleasure of driving. the extremly powerful V10, the lightning fast SMG and the fantastic handling delivers the favorit for the sportive drivers.

The test have been done at the same place and day so they should very well indicate difference between the power of the cars.

NB! Please exuse my somewhat poor translation from German to English, please correct them is some of our German friends finds some huge errors.

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They are both obviously great cars.

But this is the second article we have seen that ranks the CLS above the M5 due to motor and inspite of less than inspiring emotionally qualities.

Do you guys think the E60 has become too raw a car for most people who are in a position to buy it? Or has BMW just further differentiated itself from MBenz by making their flagship more sports car than the more luxury car MBs?

Personally I like the direction the M5 went. BUT... I am also already looking for track wheels and brakes, which makes me think I'm not the "average" M5 owner... for better or worse....

Discuss amongst yourselves...

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OPs I am sorry, I actually did not see that one. zzzzz

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less than 10 % better in fuel consumption in cars at this price range is insignificant. My MINI Cooper S will win this contest due to fuel consumption and fun factor. (Don't shoot me, I'm just kidding.)hiha

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Thanks- thats very interesting. I suspect another set of reviewers could go another way. I do agree with the gear box conclusion. After a 16 months with SMG I turned it in. I got bored with it. My conclusion: go to an extreme. Either a real manual or a real automatic. The middle option (SMG) becomes boring and has all the downsides of both and really none of the upsides.

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Targatim said:
less than 10 % better in fuel consumption in cars at this price range is insignificant.


The point with Auto Motor & Sport poing system is that one can look into it and choose what areas that one belive is important. Personally I could not care less about the cars environmental impact, or soft livingroom comfort.

I would go for the driving sensation, pure power, handling and build quality.
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