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I originally posted this thread on E46 fanatics. Below is the link to the entire thread and a quote of the main pictures :)


Entire thread
Main Pics
More pics from todays bright and sunny day!

Well, I had NO clue that the new M3 doesn't have crash test ratings OR rollover. That isn't...good. I don't plan on crashing, but still comon! Also, look at the aggresive stance difference between the E46 and E92, ridiculous how the E46 seems to be more aggresive, from the rear atleast. But I love *** so..

Keep in mind, these are still iPhone pics because someone (Teckniks with Estoril E36 M) STILL HAS MY CAM EQUIP, but its for a good cause, DRFT event baby :craig:

Some paper

Now; the car.

Next to its father. The king :craig:

Stance comparo. E92 on 18" and E46 on 19". Both stock.

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