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M3Racer said:
MRichmond said:
Your best bet is to call the BMW NA customer relations line -- (800) 831-1117 -- and ask when production is scheduled to be finished. They also can give you approximate delivery times. Alternatively, your dealer should be able to give you the information. Given how far behind the Owner's Circle is, your car likely has been in production for a few days at least. Your 6-week estimate probably is not far off.[/QUOTE

Thanks for the tip. Owner's Circle must be behind as you'll be completed 10/13 and the Customer Relations people say it might arrive as early as 10/27 or so....or first week in Nov.

In other words...earlier than I expected :)

Really, no chance to receive the car in October if completion date is 10/13. Once the car is completed, it needs to be transported to Bremmerhaven, and loaded on the ship. This can take 1-5 days depending on the ship schedule. Then you're talking two weeks to get to a port in the US. Once at port, the car needs to pass customs, and is shipped to the VPC. The VPC then does it's preparation, and the car is put on a transporter to be sent to the dealer. Figure 5 days or more from the time the ship hits port to the time the car shows up at the dealer.

My car went though a very fast cycle. It completed production 9/12, was loaded on the ship that left Bremmerhaven 9/14, and it is scheduled to arrive in Chaleston on 10/4. Figure 5 days for customs, VPC etc. My best case for having my car at the dealer is 10/10. Picking up at the Perfomance center might save you a day.

I'd figure your car will be at the Performance Center mid-November. If it comes in earlier, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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