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Finally! B10 Bi-Turbo #432 Photos

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Evening all!

So the sun finally appeared, and Bi-Turbo #432 was rolled out of the garage for a quick shake-down and a photo-shoot.

Here are a few details:

56'500km, Diamantschwarz Met. with gold bling and alpina's pretty much perfect, just like a new car. There's only one tiny ding on the driver's door that I'm sure I can have worked out without needing paint. It hasn't had a spray gun near it since it left Munich, so I'm not intending to start now.... If anyone's had experience of paint-free dent removal (z.B. Hagelschaden) around the Zürich area I'd be very glad to hear from you.

So now I'm working on one or two minor electrical niggles - I guess I'll be posting again soon with a few questions...and of course any experiences I make that might help.

Otherwise, today's swift run up the motorway and through a couple of nice steep winding roads was very impressive indeed. Bags and bags of super smooth torque - unbelievable! I'm beginning to understand why it's such a legend. It's so shiny that it's almost funny - real head turner. Lots of "Geniessers" out there today...!

Anyway here are the pics - enjoy. :thumbsup:

More soon!


P.S. My rear head rests are missing :sad1:
Anyone have a spare pair knocking around ?


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