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It's a very fair price in Canada.

M5's where more money here than in the US new. And still are
So you can't compare us/Canadian prices.
Even with the dollar at par we are still way inflated on car prices compared to you guys.
When I look at what m's go for in the states, it's not fair!! Haha

Most 2006's in my area at a BMW dealership are around 50-58 grand.
Do a search you will see :)

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Here's a search from of M5's at the dealers in Ontario

We found*5*vehicle(s) that match(es) your search criteria.

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M52008Manual$ 69,96458,891 kmGrey
Otto's BMW

M52007Manual$ 71,16632,308 kmBlack
Overseas Motors BMW
Windsor, ON

M5 Sedan2006Manual$ 53,99572,058 kmBlack
BMW Autohaus
Thornhill, ON

M5 Sedan2006Manual$ 55,80043,547 kmSilver
Budds' BMW
Oakville, ON

View selected vehicle(s)
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