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Feeler: OEM E39 (may fit others) bluetooth ULF+other parts?

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Is there any interest from anyone who wants to do OEM bluetooth? I'm looking at doing some electronics changes and may not need the OEM parts any more, but if they're worth less than I think, then I'll leave my setup as is.

I have the kit from EAS which has a 9th gen 546 ULF module. It's coming out of my 2003 540iT.
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so i'm assuming this would include all parts needed to go from non-BT to BT equipped?

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Yes. Includes:

SES Jumper Plug (if I can find it)
2nd Gen Mic
Pairing Button/Harness (I may need to swap a stock center console tray for the one I have with the button that goes with the kit)

Most BMWs already have a SES jumper plug and bracket installed, and this also work in:

3/02+ e39 5-series
3/02+ e46 3-series
3/02+ e53 X5
2004+ X3

$350 shipped (plus a small amount extra if you don't want to send your good condition center console tray - just the tray, not the armrest)
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