Hi everyone,

Posting this feeler to see if anyone would be interested in picking up my car that I just purchased 2 months ago. A recent investment opportunity has me potentially willing to part ways with this car I wanted so badly. Specs are as follows:

VIN - WBSNB93558CX10400

Black Exterior
Black Interior
70,400 miles
Upraded CIC navigation on 2010 + cars (This is a SIGNIFICANT upgrade over the CCC navigation that normally comes on a 2008 car)
Eisenmann Sport axle back exhaust
Car is lowered but I unfortunately do not know on what as of this post.

Car overall is in great shape for a 14 year old car. Upon buying the car months ago I had a few fading parts like the kidney grill + side vents replaced with brand new gloss black components. Also had the car clay bar waxed. The car has been a California car its whole life and has been garaged every night. Clutch shows no signs of giving out and there is nothing needed / needs to be addressed.

The not so good - Windshield molding trim is a bit faded. Front bumper cover has a 4 inch scrape on the passenger side. the manual shift boot has a 1 inch tear in it.

If anyone has any other questions please reach out to me. I have an appointment for a detail tomorrow and will promptly post pictures after.