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This car has been a dream to own but need to sell one of my babies (Other Baby is an R8) due to space. Have title in hand and will sell for $32k. Clean carfax (WBSNB93598CX08908) and i am located in the Chicagoland. I have tons of more pictures

Mechanical 9/10 - Car needs nothing and has pretty much everything you can think of replaced over the last 5 years ( See list below). i also have Blackstone reading after each oil change.
Interior 8/10 - Replaced the peeling trims and aged pedals. Always kept up with moisturizing the leather to keep it soft but it does show age
Body - 6/10 - I have quotes ($3-4k) to replace/repaint front bumper due to rock chips, scuff on rear bumper as a senior citizen tried to park next to me and door ding on rear passenger side. This is my daily so i did not want to fix it and than worry about getting more dings.

Oil Change and oil filter housing cap103,159
Brake flush with stainless steel lines103,159
Wheels refinish102,068
Oil Change102,068
Back Glass Seal and Rear Lower102,068
Handle Recess Left and Door Window Switch panel102,068
coolant replacement100,510
Oil Change99,961
O2 Sensors99,400
Replaced Bank 1 Throttle Actuator99,400
Replaced Secondary Air Pump and EGR Valves99,400
Replace MAF Sensor and trouble SAP99,000
Battery Changed98,000
Air filter and cabin filter
Oil change and clean filter96,927
Clutch Kit (no flywheel), RMS headers, bushings,Rear main Seal, Shifter Arm bushing, Clutch Slave, Trans mounts, motor mount, manifold gaskets95,428
ABS Hydraulic Unit94,266
Oil Change, filter and Oil cap93,750
Transmission Oil , Differential oil and Power Steering oil93,411
Lower Control Arms91,300
Oil change, filter90,677
Oil Change, Fuel Filter, flush fuel lines and injectors89,067
Emission passed87,000
Four wheel alignment86,101
Brake fluid motul 600 , HPS hawks pads86,062
Left and right front upper tension strut86,062
Oil Change - Castrol and Stainless Steel filter and magnetic bolt84,877
Replaced Bank 2 Actuator84,754
Stage 2 correction and 22 PLE Coating
Air Filter, Cabin filter, alternator and AC belts and 3 pulleys81800
Emission passed80000
Replaced the Pinion and steering sensor replaced79,376
Vanos oil pump77,644
all 3 Vanos lines
Main oil pump
main oil pump chain
rod bearing and rod bearing bolts
oil squiters
oil pump tensioner
coolant replacement
spark plugs and ignition coil
Oil Change
Battery replaced77,325
brake flush
pinion seal
oil change


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I shared this with someone who is ready to buy 6MT e60 or e63 m6.
He wanted to buy my individual m6 and I pulled out due to bad timing atm.
So wait for his PM.

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Seems like a nice car and a solid deal.

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where in chicagoland? my wife would kill me but it would make a nice friend for my 07 interlagos 6spd m6
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