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I have a rather annoying problem which is as follows:

Start the car, cluster illuminates service lights etc as normal. When service light indicator goes out my oil temperature gauge goes to maximum (regardless of whether the engine is cold or warm). When switching off the ignition I get the "Check Engine Oil Level" warning but only if the temp gauge has gone to maximum. E.g. if I switch off the car before the service lights go out, and therefore the temp gauge has not moved to maximum, I do not get the "Check Engine Oil....." warning.

I have no issues with oil consumption, quite the contrary in fact as the car uses virtually no oil - very slightly topped it up for the first time last weekend having covered 4,000 miles.

Does anybody have experience of this as it is becoming a trifle tedious?

I am assuming that it is a simple case of my having to replace the oil level sensor but do not want to do so unless there is another possible remedy/cause.

I'd really appreciate any help.

Thank you.

p.s. The instrument cluster has just been replaced - pixel issues.
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