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I'm pretty sure these codes are related to a faulty C02 sensor in bank 2, but does any body know what they mean? Would this be the before cat sensor on [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]drivers side[/COLOR][/COLOR]? Thanks for your help...Tom

2741--Lambda sensor heating control diagnostic VKAT bank 2
2743--Lambda sensor heater resistance diagnostic VKAT bank 2
2745--Lambda sensor heater diagnostic after start VKAT bank 2
274F--Lambda sensor error Nernst [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]cable[/COLOR][/COLOR] VKAT bank 2
2751--Lambda sensor error pump current cable VKAT bank 2

Also--I already replaced the bank 2 pre cat C02 sensor about 2 months ago---I'm wondering if this is the post C02 sensor now bad? Is that common when you don't replace both at the same time as I was always under the understanding the the post C02 sensors rarely went bad.
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