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I second @sunilshivaram. I haven't seen a definitive answer to the no-crank issue, but there are threads that put the blame on corroded or lose cable connectors - the thick red cable in the engine harness that feeds the starter, or the neutral/ground braided cables on the frame/chassis/engine.

I had an intermittent no-crank issue and ended up finding arcing at the starter high amp connection due to lose (or burnt) nut. Due to my PLCD sensor dying at the same time, I've been focused on resolving the SMG issue, so I can't say if my no-crank is gone. But during these episodes, battery would deplete and the module tree in ISTA would light up with errors or missing modules. The "smart" battery module could be a culprit, too, if I remember correctly.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts